Hurt Madhur Bhandarkar lets bygones be bygones with Karan Johar

A day after filmmaker Karan Johar apologised to Madhur Bhandarkar over the title of Netflix’s ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’, the latter has responded to it in a statement on Twitter.

Madhur wrote, “Dear Karan, Thank you for your response.

This is indeed a close-knit industry and it operates on mutual trust and respect. When we blatantly disregard norms that we ourselves have established, then it makes very little sense calling ourselves a “fraternity”. I didn’t hesitate a moment in the past before granting you the title “GUTKA” in 2013, that you had requested from me, and hence I would have expected the same courtesy in return when I declined you the use of a title I had duly registered, and which I did not intend to part with. The fact that you went ahead and used the title anyway despite our conversation and despite it also having been rejected by the trade associations, is what had upset me deeply. This is not how I believe real relationships work.

But let’s move forward. I accept your apology and would like to leave things here. I too wish you well in your future endeavours.

Best, Madhur”

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