“Himanshi is the best,” says boyfriend Asim Riaz on her birthday

Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have been together for a couple of months now. They met on the colors reality show “Bigg Boss” where Asim was locked since day 1 and Himanshi entered as a wild card entry later. Asim being a lady charmer didn’t waste a minute and the lad pursued Himanshi. Despite the fact that Himanshi was engaged back then, Asim did all his love voodoo on Himanshi and the rest is history.

Everyone could see the spark between them and later on Himanshi also admitted her feelings towards Asim. They both had admitted their feelings on the show itself while many called them bogus, some really dug their relationship.

The couple has been lying low for a long time to avoid trollers but latterly an adorable video is surfing on the internet. The video is from Himanshi’s birthday where she is celebrating with her charmer and family at a barista-like cafe in Mohali. In the video, one can see all the decor with lovely red heart-shaped balloons and fairy lights. Firecrackers exploding at a distance like a royal Punjabi celebration.

In this video, Asim is showering Himanshi with all his love. In presence of her family, he screamed his heart out and affirmed that Himanshi is the best human and she deserves the best. This gesture is quite overwhelming and plenty to shut the trolls. Fans also displayed their love for the couple over the internet and retweeted warm wishes.

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