Dream Girl is back… with Ganga

On 19th Marth 2023, Ms Hema Malini premieres the dance ballet ‘Ganga’ to celebrate the glory of our Motherland as ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ in the 75th year of Indian Independence, wherein the Maharashtra Government has embarked upon a massive plan to clean and revitalise all of the states 75 rivers.

The dance musical which will be presented at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA, will capture the river’s descent from the heavens and prod the viewer to join in her fascinating terrestrial journey in the various millennia. A glimpse of the various Yugas she has witnessed through the ages till the holy river is distressed at her neglected and ravaged state in the Kali Yuga. But Maa Ganga is a life-giver. As a true Mother she pleads with us to maintain her purity and sanctity ignoring all the injustices done to her by the present generation.

River Ganga epitomises all that is holy and sacred in Hinduism. The heavenly river was brought down to earth by King Bhagirath by a severe penance lasting thousands of years. From its glacier tic origin at Gomukh to the long stretch on the Indian plains discharging its waters into the Bay of Bengal, Ganga has sanctified every grain of sand and nourished the flora and fauna of the entire hinterland. The banks of the river have inspired great sages and poets to delve deep into the mysteries of life.

Says Hema Ji, “I am proud to participate in this noble initiative of the state government of Maharashtra whose mission is to awaken the youth to form a connect with and to take care of our rivers. My contribution to the Abhiyaan “CHALIYE, JAANEIN NADI KO..” is to present this well-researched and skilfully choreographed dance presentation on “Ganga”. I truly hope that this ballet inspires us all to take care of our rivers and revitalise them through concerted human efforts.”

Hema Ji asks us to join Ma Ganga in her fascinating journey and ensure that she lives with us forever retaining her pristine glory.

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